Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In my mind Pluto will always remain as one of the nine planets. Science should have left well enough alone in this case, leaving iconic Pluto as a normal planet. Especially when you take into considration that Pluto barely misses the criteara for being a normal planet, in my mind it sounds a bit nitpicky to change something well known based on a few miniscule details. As Caroline stated 'whos to say we are no a dwarf planet?' Like us Pluto has moons in its orbit, and in contrast we are also look very miniscule when compared to some of the much larger planets in our solar system. Although Im not pleased about the declasification, whats done is done, to change it back now would seem foolish.

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  1. Those criteria for what constitutes a "normal planet" are highly controversial in and of themselves and not agreed upon by many astronomers. "Science" didn't make this change; a tiny minority of astronomers did. Changing it back would not be foolish; it would be the smart thing to do, as it is better to admit to an error, especially one that has caused tremendous confusion, and to fix it, rather than to stick to a definition that is wrong.