Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have similar feelings to Kenny on that because of tradition I want to say that Pluto should be a planet. But as I look further into this topic and read what the other contributors thought i believe that Pluto should stay declassified. I mean science was so generic in the time of Pluto's discovery. Many people think that because so many people today know Pluto as the 9th planet that we should keep it as a planet but it is like calling someone Joe for 5 years then realizing there name is Harry. Would you still call him Joe? Most people wouldn't. Just because we have called it a planet for so long means no reason why it should still be a planet.

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  1. Before making up your mind on this, read "Is Pluto A Planet" by Dr. David Weintraub. He discusses many possible planet classification schemes as well as the history of planet discovery.